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The Joy of Success

Want to turn your great new business idea into a successful company?   Here’s the roadmap.

Great from the Start not only prepares entrepreneurs for success in the prevailing economic paradigm where the corporation exists solely to maximize profits for shareholders as well as such business classics as Built to Last, The Art of the Start and The Lean Startup, but also shows you how to design your business for success in the emerging economic paradigm in which corporations exist to optimize both good and profit. The Certified B Corporation, benefit corporation and Conscious Capitalism movements all reflect a global shift in business consciousness from an exclusive focus on profits to a triple-bottom-line orientation that balances the interests of the environment, society and stockholders. The economic data indicates that businesses built this way outperform their traditional peers.

Great from the Start not only sets the context for a more sustainable and humane economic system like Conscious Capitalism, Firms of Endearment, the B Corporation Handbook and Reinventing Organizations, but also shows you how to build a purposeful business that is a force for good. With this book, you can create a business that reflects your values, embodies the tenets of Conscious Capitalism as a Certified B Corporation and acts appropriately as a responsible global citizen.  Finally, if you are a leader who aspires to operate from the heart, believes in abundance and plays power with instead of power over, Great from the Start suggests how you can leverage neuroscience and the science of consciousness to inspire and lead your corporation so that it is optimized for the people who work there.

In Great from the Start, John Montgomery brings three decades of experience as one of California’s preeminent corporate lawyers to offer the business secrets of Silicon Valley as an essential blueprint for any entrepreneur wishing to start a successful company.  As counsel and trusted adviser to almost 1,000 startups and dozens of venture capital firms, he developed this blueprint from working with some of Silicon Valley’s most successful companies, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and stress tested it with dozens of startups. From raising venture capital to building a balanced team, from designing your culture to managing a board of directors, this book will help you experience the joy of building a successful company.