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Why Does Etsy’s IPO Matter to Silicon Valley?

The B Economy moved into Silicon Valley last week when Etsy became the second listed US Certified B Corporation.  Brooklyn based Etsy’s successful IPO priced at $16 on April 15 and closed its first day of trading on April 16 at $30. The shares of Palo Alto’s Accel Partners, Etsy’s lead investor, increased approximately $325,000,000 in value on the first day of trading. The B… [Continue reading this post]

Etsy Courageously Half-Stepped its Talk

Etsy filed its “Red Herring” prospectus on Tuesday and began its IPO roadshow yesterday. There is good news and bad news…. The good news is that Etsy will become the second publicly traded Certified B Corporation in the US. CEO Chad Dickerson’s inspiring letter on page 91 of the prospectus (see and search for Etsy) challenges the conventional business wisdom of Wall Street by… [Continue reading this post]