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How to Save Volkswagen with Corporate Law

Volkswagen is in a death spiral. The US Environmental Protection Agency alleged that Volkswagen falsified US pollution tests by installing software to make its diesel vehicles appear cleaner than they were when being tested. Without the defeat devices, the cars would produce up to 40 times the allowed level of nitrogen oxides. Volkswagen knowingly installed defeat devices in approximately 480,000 diesel vehicles sold in the… [Continue reading this post]

How Kickstarter Used Law to Turbocharge its Heroic Purpose

Kickstarter transcended the prevailing corporate law to protect its soul. Kickstarter became a global leader in corporate governance and business as a force for good when it became a Delaware public benefit corporation this week.  By embedding its charter in Article III of its Certificate of Incorporation, Kickstarter put the full power of corporate law behind its ultimate purpose and social and environmental goals.  Under… [Continue reading this post]