From Good to Great to Discourteous: How Wells Fargo Can Be Great Again

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(originally published on Linked In on September 29, 2016) Wells Fargo Bank was one of America’s best companies. Jim Collins profiled Wells Fargo in Good to Great. Legendary value investor Warren Buffet owns approximately 2,000,000 shares and his Berkshire Hathway holds a 9.5% stake in the company. Wells Fargo easily weathered the financial crisis of 2008 and its quality of management was rewarded with a… [Continue reading this post]

Can Conscious Capitalism Be More Effective?

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(originally published on Linked In on September 6, 2016) Conscious Capitalism espouses a multiple stakeholder, multiple purpose approach to business within the constraints of a single stakeholder, single purpose legal system. It works, but the fit is not optimal. The benefit corporation appears custom-made to liberate the Conscious Capitalism movement from these constraints because it legitimizes a multiple stakeholder, multiple purpose approach to business. Conscious… [Continue reading this post]

What Corporate Lawyers (and Directors) Need to Know about the Benefit Corporation

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(Originally published on Linked In on August 12, 2016) If you’d like to become expert in the newest evolutionary corporate form—the benefit corporation—and master the delicate board and stockholder politics that arise when your clients adopt this new entity, then this post is for you. This post, which was one of five articles about the benefit corporation in the July edition of the American Bar… [Continue reading this post]

What the World’s Largest Cooperative Corporation Has to Teach Capitalism about Solving Social Inequality

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(originally published on Linked In on August 2, 2016) After the First European B Corp Summit in Rome, I flew to Basque Country in Spain to visit the world’s largest cooperative corporation, Mondragon. Silicon Valley has had some legendary founders -William Hewlett and David Packard of HP, Steve Jobs of Apple, Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google – but Mondragon’s founder, Juan Maria Arizmendiarreta,… [Continue reading this post]

What Brexit? European B Corps and the New Economic Paradigm

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(originally published on Linked In on July 10, 2016) After the UK’s stunning Brexit vote, I expected a somber mood at the First European B Corp Summer Summit in Rome last week. Instead, I joined 150 attendees from Europe’s 170 Certified B Corps celebrating their community and the joys of co-creating a more humane approach to business. Our group in Rome, including the Brits, was… [Continue reading this post]