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How to Make Conscious Capitalism Whole: Thank You Whole Foods

With today’s completion of Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, Conscious Capitalism lost its leading proponent. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon, Whole Foods lost its independence and position as thought leader for the Conscious Capitalism movement. Although Conscious Capitalism and John Mackey have put a positive spin on the acquisition and expressed optimism about their ability to inspire Amazon to adopt the principles of Conscious… [Continue reading this post]

The MultiCapital Scorecard: How Multiple Capital Accounting May Save the Planet

If you were given the job of re-designing the global economic system so that it not only provides for humanity’s needs but also ensures that we maintain the planet’s ability to sustain human civilization, where would you start? How could you implement your plan so that it creates a more sustainable economy as rapidly as the Marshall Plan re-built Western Europe after World War II?… [Continue reading this post]