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Why Silicon Valley is not Our Friend and How It Could Befriend Us

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are not our friends as highlighted in the New York Times Sunday Review. The truth is that the ultimate core value of Amazon, Facebook and Google (Alphabet), which are Delaware corporations, and Apple, which is a California corporation, is the imperative to maximize stockholder welfare. This doctrine, which is known as shareholder primacy and is embedded in the prevailing corporate… [Continue reading this post]

Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Why Isn’t Your Company a Benefit Corporation Yet?

Rick Alexander’s Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Pursuing Profit with Purpose is the most important book about corporate law in decades, if not ever.  Mr. Alexander, Director of Policy at B Lab, senior Delaware corporate lawyer and co-drafter of Delaware’s benefit corporation legislation, has just published a legal masterpiece that will be the definitive guide to the benefit corporation and shape the post-shareholder primacy economy… [Continue reading this post]